Kostas Lopsaitis, MBA - Chief Executive Officer

Kostas develops and oversees the execution of the strategic direction of the business. Having worked at NM Group for 12 years, he has an extensive background and a thorough understanding of various technical and managerial roles. Kostas combines executive MBA education with hands-on experience in leading people across multiple business functional areas. Kostas is passionate about lifelong learning and drives enthusiasm for innovation and continuous improvement.

Ben Thomas, MSc - Chief Operating Officer

As a COO, Ben is directly responsible for achieving and maintaining operational excellence whilst serving our customers. He manages multiple heads of departments, overseeing our field operations, production, IT and software development teams. Ben has been with the NM group since 2010 and has built up a broad range of skills through firsthand experience in surveying, operations management, process development and software engineering management. Ben recently attained MSc in Data Science, which complements his previous MSc in Surveying.

Paul Richardson, CEng - Director of Engineering

Paul oversees the development of engineering solutions in the utility space and heads up research and development at NM Group’s Technology Centre. Paul is a renowned industry expert in the field of Transmission Line Engineering and long-time proponent of the use of PLS-CADD™ in improving reliability and utilisation while minimising cost. Paul is a chartered civil engineer (BEng Hons, CEng, MICE), with previous experience that includes more than 20 years of power line engineering for National Grid Plc. At National Grid Plc, Paul was involved in the formation and development of the original Network Mapping, from its inception as an R&D project, in 1997. 


Ben Bottoms, MSc - Head of Project Management

Ben is a highly skilled, PMP certified project manager and currently leads the department responsible for managing all NM projects. He has 20 years of project management experience in the power generation and utility sectors. At NM, Ben oversees the successful delivery of projects from the initial bid stage through data capture and to final delivery. He is a US and Canadian citizen and works out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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