Timothy Gallagher, P.E. - General Manager
Tim has 30 years of hands-on experience in engineering and technology implementation for utilities across the world, self performing and leading teams of over 500 in 28 countries. He holds a BS in Engineering from Purdue University and a MS in Engineering from the University of Washington. He is an active participant in Engineers without Borders and American Society of Civil Engineers.

Paul Richardson - Director of Engineering

Paul oversees the development of engineering solutions in the utility space and heads up research and development at NM Group’s Technology Centre. Paul is a renowned industry expert in the field of Transmission Line Engineering and long-time proponent of the use of PLS-CADD™ in improving reliability and utilisation while minimising cost. Paul is a chartered civil engineer (BEng Hons, CEng, MICE), with previous experience that includes more than 20 years of power line engineering for National Grid Plc. At National Grid Plc, Paul was involved in the formation and development of the original Network Mapping, from its inception as an R&D project, in 1997.

Shane Brunker - Technical Director

Shane oversees the development of new products and services with our R&D branch and leads on the implementation of new equipment and systems. Shane has been with NM Group for 7 years and previously managed our field operations and processing/engineering teams. His background is the geospatial and remote sensing sciences, having earlier worked on the spatial and land information side of government.

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