Thermal rating and line profiling

Our qualified powerline engineers deliver a comprehensive thermal rating validation and line clearance service. We can precisely identify any reliability issues and deliver PLS-CADD™ models to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Thermal rating

Whether as a line engineering ensuring regulatory clearances are met or a as a system controller looking at transfer capacity, accurate thermal ratings are important. Using a combination of remote sensed asset data and CAD we provide an as-built model of the line.

Our highly experienced engineers and PLS-CADD technicians can provide a complete as-built model and assessment to determine the thermal rating and clearance schedule for a circuit or network. PLS-CADD model analysis can be difficult to share within the wider organisation. Therefore we can also deliver the same information in our 3D visualisation.

Intelligent line profiling

For collecting all-of-network asset information we have developed a cost effective workflow to deliver line clearance profiles rapidly and at a lower price point. To achieve this intelligent profiling uses automated processing routines combined with the latest geospatial technology.

Key benefits

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance through precise CAD modelling
  • Validate network ratings
  • Identify and remediate thermal constraints
  • Cost efficient intelligent line profiling
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