Use of LiDAR to improve reliability using PLS-CADD – Intermediate/Advanced


This course differs from the introduction course in that there is an extra day so more time is spent on each subject. 

Course objectives

  • Recap on LiDAR derived modelling and PLS-CADD overview
  • Thorough examination of PLS-CADD to improve reliability and utilisation, including reconductoring and line re-rating.
  • Thorough examination of PLS-CADD for new line optimisation
  • Thorough examination of PLS Tower / Pole, including optimisation of PLS Tower/Pole models

Course Dates

Course Location

NM Group Technology Centre
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Course Content

  • Recap on terminology
  • Recap on the menu items and functionality of PLS-CADD™
  • Recap on LiDAR data and its function in PLS-CADD™ modelling
  • Importing LiDAR data
  • Defining feature codes
  • Defining weather load cases
  • Using cable files
  • Recap on re-rating
  • Hands on exercises
  • Use of PLS-CADD™ for re-configuration
  • Hands on exercises
  • Construction reports
  • Hands on exercises
  • Recap and detailed look at applications of PLS Tower/Pole
  • Hands on exercises

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