Ask an Engineer… What would you ask?


As Director of Engineering and heading up research and development at NM Group, Paul Richardson is a renowned power industry expert and long-time proponent of the use of 3D modelling in improving reliability and utilisation, while minimising cost. He is a chartered civil engineer (BEng Hons, CEng, MICE), and retains a wealth of experience, including more than 20 years of power line engineering.

In the Ask an Engineer blog series, Paul answers your questions about PLS-CADD™ and how it can be used to deliver improved engineering outcomes for power networks. Here are the questions he's answered so far:

Part 1 - Can you accurately model wire positions in PLS-CADD, when there is wind blowing the conductor during a LiDAR survey?

Part 2 - How do you go about modelling jumpers and can you do this in PLS-CADD™?

Part 3 - What are the effects of emissivity and absorptivity when modelling power networks?

Part 4 - How do I go about classifying and modelling distribution wires?

Part 5 - How can we remember the complicated terminology associated with PLS CADD, such as M1, M2, M3 and M4 models?

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