400 mile transmission project underway for southeastern utility


NM Group will be completing a 400 mile transmission project for a southeastern US utility. The survey and data reports will be used to help ensure compliance and for new engineering projects.

Our engineering team will be delivering PLS-CADD models as part of this work. We will collect LiDAR and imagery data of the site to get precise measurements of the wire catenary at time of survey. We can then use CAD software to model this along with the ambient temperature and line load. Applying the IEEE calculation to graphically sag the wires at a given loading scenario. This will show any lines that infringe minimum clearances. Essential for demonstrating that our client is meeting its regulatory requirements.

In addition to engineering models, we will also be providing some additional data products. Including high-resolution imagery of the transmission structures. We have a number of different camera sensors being employed, which means we can collect structure imagery from various different angles. Providing a clear visual inventory of the towers, and for help in determining condition and ongoing maintenance of the assets.

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