Kevin Jacobs - CEO

Kevin is responsible for managing the whole business. Kevin is an electrical engineer (MIET), a member of the Institute of Directors and has over 30 years of engineering and management experience. He has been involved with NM Group since its inception at National Grid Plc, and led the management buyout in .

David Langworth - Chairman

David is the Chairman of all NM Group companies and provides a lead on all matters concerning strategy, corporate governance, external relations and business development. He is a Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors, holds a MBA focused on international business and is a qualified electrical engineer (MIET). Prior to forming NM Group as part of the MBO team in 2007, David held many directorships and strategic management roles for National Grid Plc.

Paul Richardson - Director of Engineering

Paul oversees the development of engineering solutions in the utility space and heads up research and development at NM Group’s Technology Center. Paul is a renowned industry expert in the field of Transmission Line Engineering and long-time proponent of the use of PLS-CADD™ in improving reliability and utilization while minimizing cost. Paul is a chartered civil engineer (BEng Hons, CEng, MICE), with previous experience that includes more than 20 years of power line engineering for National Grid Plc. At National Grid Plc, Paul was involved in the formation and development of the original Network Mapping, from its inception as an R&D project, in 1997.

Shane Brunker - Technical Director

Shane oversees the development of new products and services with our R&D branch and leads on the implementation of new equipment and systems. Shane has been with NM Group for 7 years and previously managed our field operations and processing/engineering teams. His background is the geospatial and remote sensing sciences, having earlier worked on the spatial and land information side of government.

Tom Hall - Sales Director

Tom leads the sales activities for NM Group, promoting the appropriate application of asset management services, data analytics, and the spatial information behind them. Starting out as an apprentice in the industry, Tom has now been with NM Group for 4 years. He is a highly experienced industry specialist of 18 years, with a strong technical background in LiDAR, photogrammetry, GIS and it’s exploitation

Greg Lewis - Senior Project Manager

Greg leads the Project Managers and Project Coordinators who are responsible for the management and delivery of NM Group’s projects workload. Greg has over 12 years’ experience in the geospatial, asset management and engineering sector and has worked on a wide range of power utility and geospatial projects for both transmission engineering and distribution power companies.

Nick Ferguson - Senior Vice President

Nick is Senior Vice President of NM Group and leads business operations in the US and Canada. Through studies at Durham University, Nick holds a Bachelor of Science focussing on geospatial technology (BSc) and a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA). He is a Chartered Geographer (CGeog, GIS) and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS). Nick has a decade of international experience working in a consultative capacity with electricity utilities in the US, Canada, Australia and the EMEA region. He is a regular speaker at engineering and asset management conferences and enjoys outdoor pursuits in British Columbia during his time off.

Matt Churches - Vice President - Utilities

Matt brings over 15 years of utility experience in both the asset and vegetation management arenas. Formerly of CenterPoint Energy, Matt is now Vice President of Utilities at NM Group and will be working closely with our clients to develop new solutions.

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