Vegetation management

NM Group provide functional LiDAR based reporting for utility vegetation management. Our service prioritizes vegetation encroachments, reduces operational costs and ensures regulatory compliance.

Vegetation Analytics deliver functional information to help utilities better manage the risk posed by vegetation related outages. Our LiDAR based vegetation reports deliver the precise location of danger trees and potential infringement to improve vegetation management strategy. We can also ascertain the likelihood of tree fall based on historic and predictive factors or provide specific growth rate analysis. This enables better long terms strategies to meet compliance efficiently and at lower cost.

How the information is presented can also influence the usability and therefore the value presented to a utility. Therefore we offer a number of options from functional spreadsheets, direct input files for GIS uptake or 3D visualizations of the network within Caydence®.

Key benefits

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance through precise data snapshot of the network
  • Identify and prioritize risk locations
  • Vegetation Analytics provides tree fall risk and growth rate assessments 
  • Reduce vegetation management costs by up to 40%
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