What is 3D Asset Management?


The advantages of displaying asset data in a common platform are numerous. Want to scope vegetation in and around the line from your desktop? How about conducting a risk assessment prior to a site visit? Is there vehicular access to a downed line from the main road? With our electric utility asset management software, all of this is possible in a visual 3D environment. By easily displaying large spatial datasets using a simple point-and-click interface, Caydence® improves decision-making through easy access to asset data.

Sharing asset data with stakeholders inside and outside the business also just became simple. No longer reliant on specialist software held only by the few. Caydence® unlocks 3D asset data so the whole utility business can benefit from improved collaboration and workplace efficiencies.

What Are The Benefits of Our 3D Utility Asset Management Software?

  • Precise 3D representation of your utility network
  • Understand the context and relationship between assets
  • Improved decision making through easy access to data
  • Collaborate, share network insight easily
  • Open format system works with any spatial data

If you’re interested in our 3D electric and utility asset management software, get in touch today.

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