We have purchased three of the latest Leica RCD30 aerial medium format cameras as a multi-angle camera system. These cameras have now been successfully integrated with our new C300 Orion sensor, creating a superior data capture system that will allow us to further expand our range of services.   The cameras have an 80 megapixel resolution, producing highly detailed imagery. A simultaneous full color and near infrared (NIR) downwards camera will allow us to enhance our vegetation management services, in addition to the creation of high-quality imagery mosaics.   “The Leica RCD30 cameras perfectly suit NM Group's highly specialized aerial data acquisition applications for asset mapping. Delivering this customized version of three Leica RCD30 camera heads, installed along with our third party LiDAR and flight management systems, shows the great flexibility of the Leica RCD30”, says Kevin Jacobs, CEO of NM Group. “Deploying the latest technology will allow NM Group to deliver a wider range of products and solutions. The ability to capture continuous downward and oblique imagery provides our clients with a richer dataset of the highest quality and accuracy, delivering even greater value.”