New York State transmission utility awards NM Group new 3D modeling project


NM Group awarded a new project for approximately 500 miles of transmission circuits located around the state. Our engineering analysis will consider line ratings and powerline modeling outputs. Enabling our client to complete onward engineering work and for compliance demonstration purposes.

Project outputs will include high-resolution aerial imagery and LiDAR survey data. The 3D data is processed into a detailed PLS-CADD powerline model. Temperature calculations for the conductors are derived from weather recordings during the project; combined with load data to graphically sag the conductors in the model.

The project will also require oblique images of the structures and corridor. This will provide further context in the form of an asset library and for analysis ahead of any works. Lastly, to meet other regulatory compliance requirements our service will report on vegetation clearance distances to the overhead lines. Clearly showing which spans contain vegetation hazards to be remediated.

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