NM Group Enters Another Year of Partnership with Major Utility in New England


For over a decade, NM Group has worked with a major utility in New England, providing LiDAR and PLS-CADD services. Our long-term relationship underscores our capability to deliver high-quality data, effective project management and engineering support, helping the National Grid engineering team maintain a safe, resilient, and efficient network.

Each year, we survey approximately 25% of the National Grid network. Our recent aerial survey utilized advanced aerial LiDAR and high-resolution imagery. The data collected supports key activities such as asset management, compliance, emergency response, and network capacity analysis.

Comprehensive Deliverables

The following products were delivered to our client:

  • Classified Feature Point Cloud: Highly accurate 3D representation of the terrain and objects.
  • Developed Oblique Imagery: Detailed images captured at an angle, providing a clear view of tower components and surrounding areas.
  • Digital Terrain Model: A 3D model of the ground surface, used for various analyzes and planning.
  • Line Schedule: Detailed documentation of the transmission lines, including specifications and measurements.
  • Orthorectified Photo Mosaic: High-resolution, georeferenced images providing a comprehensive view of the transmission corridors.
  • PLS-CADD Model: Advanced models used for designing, analyzing, and optimizing transmission lines.
  • Temperature Calculations: Data supporting line performance analysis under different temperature conditions.

Supporting a Resilient Grid

With NM Group's expertise, the National Grid engineering team can effectively manage its assets, ensure regulatory compliance, respond swiftly to emergencies, and optimize the capacity of its transmission lines. Our products and services are crucial in maintaining the grid's safety and reliability, reflecting our dedication to supporting its operational needs.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing innovative solutions to the energy sector's evolving challenges.

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